I heard you like USB ports

I heard you like USB ports

Postby Phauss » Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:27 am

I was at Fry's today and I came across this:


A remarkably small board, I know. Despite being a Mini-ITX form factor (the smallest size), it's got a ton of hardware. 10 USB ports on the back panel, and headers for 4 more on the board, an eSATA port, HDMI and DVI port (no VGA), two ports for wireless antennas (which are coincidentally the same for a cantenna), a PS/2 keyboard port, and room for a 7.1 surround sound system.

And that's just on the back panel.

Internally, there are 6 SATA connections for the drives (no RAID, as dictated by the chipset :/ ), a PCIxE slot, two DDR3 1333MHz memory slots, and an Intel LGA 1156 processor socket, best used with Clarkdale Core i3 or Core i5-600 series processors, but not the Core i5-700 or Core i7-800 series processors (these can still be used just fine, but overclocking is nearly impossible).

If I were to put a motherboard into my car, this would be the one I would use, for so many reasons. It uses less power, it's got integrated wireless, the processor isn't an integrated Intel Atom, it can load up a ton of memory (8GB DDR3), and it's small. Small enough to put inside a dashboard. If I used the stock antenna, I could have it stick up through the dashboard to pick up wireless, use a USB cellphone carrier modem, and drive around while using vent at the same time.

Safe, I know. The PTT will be the gas pedal or the horn, I haven't decided yet.
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