Game Server Information

Game Server Information

Postby Phauss » Sat Feb 05, 2022 9:53 pm

We now have our own dedicated Valheim server! The server can be found at "", password will be given on a per-person basis.

In order to connect, you will need to download and install Valheim+ (or ValheimPlus). Necessary files and instructions can be found on the Valheim+ website here.
*Read through the features and feel free to change the mod settings and configs to your liking for single-player. The server settings will override the player settings, so go crazy in your single-player worlds.
**It is highly recommended to increase player inventory size setting from 4 to 6 rows to avoid potential inventory issues when playing off the server!

Please create a fresh character for this server. We're working as a group to progress from the beginning and we don't want to mess that up, at least until we kill all the bosses.
The bosses are dead and the play-through is complete. It's easy mode now! Bring your geared toons and haul in all those resources from your old saves!

Helpful Hints and Keybindings:

F10Enters first-person
Pg Up/DnAdjusts field of view

Advanced Building:
LeftAltRotate object Y by 1 degree
CRotate object X by 1 degree
VRotate object Z by 1 degree
FCopy rotation of targeted object
GSet rotation perpendicular to taregted object.

Advanced Editing Mode:
Numpad 0Enter advanced editing mode
F8Exit advanced editing mode (resets object position)
Numpad 7Copy rotation of targeted object
Numpad 8Paste rotation to targeted object
Numpad EnterConfirm and place object
F7Reset object to original position/rotation
Numpad +/-Increases/decreases rotation scroll amount by 1 degree (hold shift to change by 10)

(The stock keybindings aren't exactly intuitive. They may change in the future.)

Less restrictive changes (buffs) will be green, more restrictive changes (nerfs) will be red.

Most recent update:
-Sleep in any bed without setting spawn (shift+e): true
-Increased duration of rested buff per comfort level: 120s

-Advanced editing mode: enabled *See details and keybinds in the "helpful hints" section above
-Disabled invalid placement messages, can place object within other objects: true
-No weather damage: true
-All ores allowed in furnace: true
-Burning fine wood/core wood in kiln: disabled
-Spinning wheel/Windmill automatically fill from chests: enabled

-Increased camera zoom distance: 6 -> 8
-Increased item stack sizes: 100%

Past Updates:
Spoiler: show
-Converted vanilla server to Valheim+

-Fires, wood torches, iron torches, green torches, sconces and braziers will stay at max fuel level once filled: true
-Increase the time that food lasts by 100%
-Food retains its maximum benefit until it runs out: true
-Skip tutorials: true
-Player inventory number of rows: 6
-Wood chest inventory size: 6x3
-Personal chest inventory size: 3x3
-Iron chest inventory size: 6x6
-Blackmetal chest inventory size: 8x8
-Items will be re-equipped when you exit water after swimming: true
-First-person enabled: true

-Repairing with the hammer repairs in a radius instead of a single piece: true
-Free placement (single-degree, multi-axis rotation): true *See details and keybinds in the "helpful hints" section above
-Players will not be permitted to place a crop within the grow radius of another crop: true
-Maximum amount of wood in a Kiln: 50
-Maximum amount of ore in a Smelter/Furnace: 30
-Maximum amount of coal in a Smelter/Furnace: 50
-Furnace/Smelter will pull coal and raw materials from nearby chests: true *Kiln is not set to pull wood automatically
-Hammer/Hoe/Cultivator durability increase: 999%
-Craft from nearby chest/cart/boat inventory when in range: true

-Display the minutes and seconds until the beehive produces honey on crosshair hover: true
-Portal names will be displayed in big text in center of screen: true
-Show the required amount of items AND the amount of items in your inventory in build mode and while crafting: true
-Shows small notifications about all skill experienced gained in the top left corner: true
-If bow in toolbar, display current ammo & total ammo under hotbar icon - never (0), when equipped (1), or always (2): 2
-Prevents players on the server from turning off their map sharing option: true
-Display carts and boats on the map: true
-Display in-game time on screen: true
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