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Covering Wars: I

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:04 pm
by Forb
Hard hitting journalism coming from yours truly.

Coming up this week going on down in Gainesville FL is a spirited event. This is a showcase of the upcoming marketing tactic to be laid out by this community's newest member, Tito.
It involves a large shipment of custom printed coupons. Tito hopes to increase sales for his store by more than 200k$ over 2 years with the actions he will take in the next few months.
They have recently become an approved vendor for the North Florida Regional Hospital.

The fighting devil has a lot to say about what's right, after the marketing manager delayed the project considerably, "[She] said she's no longer part of this, but we needed the printing order to be placed. I made sure that we got our material."
With more than 7 years in the restaurant business, he's weaseled his way comfortably into a more healthy lifestyle. Tito mentioned that he wanted to roll out the campaign on "Ideally a Monday or Tuesday."

Hotel customers can expect a discounted meal as a bonus for participating in the partnership between those involved in this deal.
Groups can grab a sip of what it's like to be welcomed to a new restaraunt, and this campaign focuses on grabbing them when they're available, even fresh.
The customers, that is.

If you're in Gainesville and looking for a bite to eat after you pick a place to stay, think about checking out the Hilton, Hampton or the Courtyard by Mariott as well as the Motel 6.*
Spoiler: show
*Select locations only.

So I bet you're all wondering what kind of things he has in store for the future? Well, it has to do with his Carrabba's and from this point it's in the future so there you have it folks.