Containing Special Things Proceedurally

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Containing Special Things Proceedurally

Postby Lim » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:10 pm

Item #: SCP-1573

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Both SCP-1573 and its chamber at Site-__ are to be locked and only opened for testing purposes. Access to SCP-1573 must be granted by class-3 or higher personnel. No light is to be within SCP-1573 or its chamber except when undergoing testing.

Those who come into contact with the interior of SCP-1573 are to be detained within soundproof rooms and terminated after testing. Any instance of SCP-1573-1 is to be destroyed completely after testing, with fire if applicable. All personnel involved in testing should be screened and subsequently terminated if deemed necessary.

Interviews and tests of detained subjects should be done by proxy with D-class personnel and tentatively observed through low-quality cameras situated on the ceiling in the corners of their detainment cells. D-class personnel may be necessary for observation as well.

Description: SCP-1573 is a motel room recovered from The __________ Motel in ______________, USA. SCP-1573 stands [I don’t know how tall motels are] (#) meters tall and covers an area of [I don’t know how big they are either] (#) square meters.

Investigations into SCP-1573 began after local reports of the consecutive deaths and disappearances of fourteen (14) people last seen at The _________ Motel. A family of five who were lodged at SCP-1573 as well as two members of the motel’s staff went missing or were killed on the nearby busy highway on __/__/__. A chain of seven (7) police officers investigating the incidents over the course of 24 hours also disappeared or were killed by traffic. Drivers reported that the subjects slowly wondered onto the highway, some making it across all lanes, some walking aimlessly or in circles, and others being struck by less cautious drivers.

Of the first fourteen (14) subjects, seven were killed on the highway, four were tracked down by SCP personnel and terminated, and three remain at large, including one infant.

SCP-1573 produces an effect to any who come into contact with SCP-1573’s interior. This effect is known as the SCP-1573 Effect. SCP-1573 does not require the subject to be within SCP-1573, as looking within SCP-1573’s door or windows will produce the SCP-1573 Effect. Light is required to create the SCP-1573 Effect from SCP-1573, as subjects who entered SCP-1573 in total darkness were not affected. Otherwise blinded subjects, however, were. Amnesiacs do not eliminate the SCP-1573 effect or the subject's memory of SCP-1573, even though everything else may be forgotten.

The source of this effect is unknown, as any attempts to observe or listen to descriptions of the source of the effect, the nature of the effect, the process in which the effect takes place, or any greater reason for the effect also produces the same effect in the observer/listener. These secondary producers of the SCP-1573 Effect (henceforth known as SCP-1573-1s(?)) include electronic observations and soundless observations such as reading a description, viewing artistic depictions, and lip reading.

An early researcher was afflicted by the SCP-1573 Effect without coming into immediate contact of an afflicted subject. He claimed that he involuntarily read the lips of a subject during an interview he had been observing through a one-way mirror.

Exposure to only a portion of an SCP-1573-1 (either through description or visual representation) does not produce the effect, but does produce a strong desire to discover the missing information. Weather this curiosity is abnormal or not is unknown. Uniting the two or more pieces of information does, of course, produce the SCP-1573 Effect.

The SCP-1573 Effect causes subjects to become totally complacent and disconsolate. Left to their own devices, subjects afflicted with the SCP-1573 Effect will wonder slowly and randomly about their environment. The direction and path they take seems to be random. They will not eat or drink on their own and will quickly die of dehydration. They will not stop walking unless restrained or asked to stop and will not speak unless asked.

They will follow any command, including ones that lethally harm themselves or others, albeit they will go about it sluggishly and ineffectually. Attempts to get them to “go faster” results in a brief, slight increase in speed. They will attempt to carry out impossible tasks, such as “Crawl on the ceiling,” or “Get to the Eifel Tower from here in the next five minutes,” and will continue trying until told not to.

They have no higher problem solving abilities. If tasked to put an object in a box, they will open the box to place the object inside, but if the box is locked they will not search for a hidden key or attempt to break the box open if not told to. They will only futilely attempt to open the box until they collapse dehydration or exhaustion.

They seem to lose all survival instincts and may wonder into lethal environments without interest.

They will freely disclose information about SCP-1573’s interior in any medium asked to the best of their ability. One particular subject was only able to produce an assortment of vague shapes and squiggles when asked for a portrait. It did not produce the SCP-1573 Effect.

If asked why they act the way they do now, all subjects have answered roughly, “__________________________________.” Further probing may produce the SCP-1573 Effect.

Permission has been asked to utilize subjects afflicted with the SCP-1573 Effect in other experiments after their vocal chords have been removed to reduce possible danger.

NOTE: Due to the most recent subjects assaulting personnel and producing verbal instances of SCP-1573-1 upon exiting SCP-1573, testing has been temporarily halted and security heightened around SCP-1573.
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