Philosophical Insight From a Particular Vantage Point:

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Philosophical Insight From a Particular Vantage Point:

Postby Forb » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:15 am

And the Views of an Individual In It

Take no heed with that of which.

Grow everything for in the way can you know how.

Melt down everything that does not come from within.
Drown things as they gasp for your air.

Your body is a well-oiled machine. Foster all parts, for method is absolute and necessary.

Let a path be taken but each is simultaneous .

The observers are that which are alternating.

The new is constantly flooding in.
Metaphorically scoop up that which satisfies you, but be wary.

Insert space in whatever ways possible and whatever ways you find most comfortable.


Return as exploration.

To know something is unique.

Cherish power as helplessness.

Love unconditionally, but don't mix words together... especially not emotions.

Redefine every word every time.

Syntax is pixelated and

Contrary to the unoriginal jokesters, you can absorb the contents of a book through osmosis, try it.

Opportunity is random and the outcome is just as well.

Exploit that which you must.

Create with that which you are given.


Give up only when you know it is time.

Rules are: there ain't no rules.

Time doesn't exist.

Know yourself, and be a good traveling companion.

Tear things.

Waste a little.

Eat more than you feel like you should.

Tire yourself to the point of exhaustion, keep going for fun.

Keep going still.

Tease. Tease yourself and others.

Sentimentality can be just as satisfying as conformity.
Acknowledge both.

Take nothing for granted.

Live fast, die young.

Keep the important things in a box.

Spread your mind on the table.

Everything deserves a place while it is.
A new place every time is OK.

Graph every place accordingly.

Judge people by their appearances and actions, separately and cumulatively.

An unlikely pair are birds of a feather.

Anomalies indicate the passage of time.

Ignore the arbitrary restriction of a day.
Time doesn't exist.


Be ready to kill.

"Chi yo...yami yo...ware no moto ni!"
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