It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Whatever you'd like it to be.

Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby lisalisa » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:43 am

This post makes me sad.

I have truly enjoyed the friendships and experiences with so many people in this guild. Running vanilla raids with Stefon, Clayton, Hunter and Pat; obsessively trying to complete holiday achievements with Brian and Sarah; being on vent and laughing until I had tears in my eyes. For me, the people I played with made the game more fun. I'm sorry to see things fall apart, but sometimes it is for the best.
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Gravik » Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:41 am

I didn't really get a chance to know most of you that well. I consistently logged into WoW around 10:30 or 11:00 so unless you were the late night crew, I had no real interaction with you.

I pretty much moved to this server to link up with Ian again in game. It was somewhat of a last ditch effort to make WoW fun again for me - and it worked for a bit. I am just getting older and increasingly bored with the game. The content that is being released is easier and easier. I have no sense of accomplishment upon completing a task in game - everything seems like a joke to me at this point.

MMORPGs just aren't a good match for me anymore. You effectively work for 1/3 of your life assuming you have 8 hour work days. You effectively sleep for 1/3 of your life assuming you get 8 hours a night. This gives you roughly 1/3 of your life to do with as you please. I sat down a few weeks ago and thought about some shit. Since I started playing WoW on the Nordrassil server, I hadn't gotten laid in awhile, gone to any concerts, been to a bar... blah blah blah. I just don't want to dedicate the time that a raiding guild deserves anymore.

Stefon - you are a cool motherfucker. Warpath would be lucky to get you - good luck with that.
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Blooddusk » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:59 am

My turn, I guess.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I haven't reached the point in my life where MMO's have no place, so I'm not going to stop playing yet. I guess we'll see.

I know what I don't want to do. I don't want to lose contact with you guys. You all have been home in a manner of speaking for an awful long time, and I don't want it to completely disappear. My last name is Bartel, so go find Katie Bartel on facebook, so even if you stop playing or transfer servers or whatever, at least we can keep in touch.

Hopefully we can all still hang out in vent, or a vent, or something. I'd be real sad if I didn't get to Steph and Brian cracking up about whatever anime they've been watching, and laughing till my sides hurt.

So I'll stick around till the end, try to help things get settled and whatnot. It makes me sad to see this end, but sometimes it's inevitable. And, as the infamous Dr. Seuss once said "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Gravik » Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:16 pm

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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Gravik » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:01 pm

Preface: I am really high right now. That probably explains the above post, and actually it should give really good insight into why I posted twice very quickly. You see, I had a "Eureka!" moment and decided to make this one.

If there is no beef with anything, which seems to be the general attitude, why not just change the site into a standard forum? We like gaming. We play other games. It would be cool to have other's people opinions about shit. We could get the console stuff going. We'd just need a dedicated moderator to keep it clean. Tell the other cool guilds on Nordrassil about it. It would be nice to see Kaelas and Schoolbus post here - they are funny on the realm forums.

Just a few tweaks would fix it. All we are doing is changing from The Relapse Guild into The Relapse Gaming Forum.

A PC Gaming forum - talk about computer games, duh!

A Console gaming forum - talk about console games, duh!

A general discussion forum - Did you smoke pot with your parents for the first time? Did you get pulled over? Was today a fantastic day?

A complaint/rant forum - complain about whatever ales you. If your Girlfriend dumped you, you got fired, or played everquest 2, this is the forum for you!

A link forum - If you saw it and thought it was funny, interesting, or shocking, post a link to it!

A music/movie/anime/television forum - If you can't wait to tell everyone you know that Sade has a new album, or you want to tell everyone that you saw Between the Buried and Me two days ago, or can't wait for Lost to come back, this is the forum for you.

A computer/tech/gadget forum - Discuss hardware and tech things here. Stuff like: Do you like your new cell phone? Do you think the new AMD processor is better than the Intel? Do you want the advice of someone that knows more about computers than you do? Is the price of the laptop really worth what the guy at Best Buy says it is?

An INTARWEB forum - FIRST OFF TalkINg lik dis goze in this forum only. Use good grammar and punctuation everywhere else. I know that some of us probably secretly write on bathroom stalls and occasionally drool on ourselves - who are we kidding? Some of think that /b/ is teh win. All retarded shit goes in this forum to keep the rest of the forum clean. This is also where you post a picture like this:


This forum would also be used for flaming, since it would have no restrictions.

It wouldn't be that much to maintain. I'd be willing to throw some cash at hosting.

What do you think?
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby zombiehealin » Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:15 pm

I like that idea but really I guess it comes down to who runs it to decide what they want to do with the forums. Either way, I am posting all relevent information on the "facebook" thread that was started, regardless of wether I stay in WoW or not theres alot of you guys I even hear rambling on vent =p so feel free to add me to whatever!
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Eleventerror » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:49 pm

Well yeah by sum standards i was new to the guild, but i was in it when it was AA or watever and i liked i thought this was goint to be my last stop. We had a solid two groups of raiders that all knew what they were doing and enjoyed haveing fun too and treated WOW as wat it is a game and not like the guilds we now prolly have to look for U HAVe TO DO THIS AND GET NO GEAR BECAUSE U JUST JOINED.

C-low if you read it or not i think you did a damn good job leading bc if you didnt then we would have gotten nowhere so dnt bother urself Leading is stressful thats why leaders go u do this i say that and they care about nothing.

But Id like to keep playing with all of you because there was a good group going and well there were sum good times

But Good Luck to everyone What whatever everyone decides
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Clow » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:45 am

Hmm... a few more words.

Deathwing wrote:Losing cohesion...

The thought upsets me but it's honestly what happened. What happened with Will (Marauxus) happened. I tried to get/kind of got over it. What happened with Rob (Tendaras) happened. I had a conversation with him soon after and we more or less made peace. But the Brian incident pretty much shattered my image of what we had. A tight but relaxed and overall enjoyable ring of friends. Although I obviously had other obligations tying me to the guild this was always the most prominent.

Deathwing wrote:I should probably also mention that this has, pretty easily, been the best guild I've had so far, both in the relationships with the people and the level of progression... And... Seeing as how late I got into it, probably doesn't reflect too highly on my experiences.

This one really hit me pretty hard. This whole thread did. I expected few posts and overall apathetic reactions. Seeing other people actually care that it's happening made it a little harder. But! It mattered even more.

Katie wrote:Hopefully we can all still hang out in vent, or a vent, or something. I'd be real sad if I didn't get to Steph and Brian cracking up about whatever anime they've been watching, and laughing till my sides hurt.

I definitely intend to work something out so that we can have our own vent. Not tied to a guild. Not tied to a game. Just tied to us. At this point in time I need to have one, to be honest.

Also, to Nick - I like your idea. I think Hunter was thinking of something kind of similar. And thanks for the pat on the back with the cool motherfucker comment. =D

On that note:
Chris wrote:I like that idea but really I guess it comes down to who runs it to decide what they want to do with the forums.

For the forums? It's all Hunter. 100%.

After catching up on this thread I've had some time to think about all of this. About how much regret I'm going to have. About how much I don't want to lose some of what I am. I started getting frustrated at myself for not trying harder... and I still think I should have. It was simply to the point where I had to have something change. I can't handle being the one that makes groups and having to whisper to someone that they have to go to the group that probably won't even go. I needed to pursue my own comfort and leisure, so I am.

It has been a long and lovable ride. For the people like myself that have been here since the start, this is it. The guild's gonna die. =p

No matter what you do - keep in touch. I'll be on Nordrassil no matter where I am. Look me up for help if you need it for anything. Feel free to whisper/bother me all the time. And of course, we need to figure this ventrilo/forum stuff out.

Make sure to share your info in the Facebooky thread if you want. See you around!

Love your overly-empathetic and overly-attached ex-officer,
Stefon ~<3
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Sabagallu » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:42 am

Best wishes to all...I'm only a part-time player, never hung out socially much or anything but...really when I was going to quit last year, you all gave me a reason to continue playing through WotLK...and it has run its course. Those of you who are more dedicated deserve a chance in Warpath or some place like that where it can really happen. Personally, I've lost interest in WoW and I'm going to re-roll in Vanguard and plod along in my part-time manner. I may poke around in this forum or some of the other links from time to time, but I don't expect to be back online on any of my toons. My personal issues of course have nothing to do with the guild experience...which was actually great...when the dust settles I hope everyone finds themselves standing strong.
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Re: It's been a long, fun (mostly) ride. (T^T)

Postby Phauss » Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:51 pm

I've been watching this thread from a distance, and it pains me to see such an agreable group of people part ways. It reminds me more of people at a train station saying their goodbyes than anything else.

I left before this thread was made and under the radar so it wouldn't cause a commotion. I have no intention of shutting this forum down, and everyone is still free to use it. I may change the front page to something more generic, and at people's request I may put up things like vent scripts for different vent servers.

This forum was what tied the guild together for a long time, and its inactivity played a part in the guild's eventual breakup. Ironically, the things that kept these forums great had nothing to do with WoW at all. I encourage you to use these forums, because I will use them too. Computers, cars, music, anime, anything. I will get around to changing the forums around a bit so that they're more generic, and I may even open them up so anyone can join.

Whether you go on to find another guild, decide to go solo, or end up putting the game down all together, I wish you the best. I'll be in <Cadre> if you need anything.
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