Applicants, please read! Template inside.

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Applicants, please read! Template inside.

Postby Clow » Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:39 pm

Applicants who do not have professions of at least the level of providing their full bonuses, those who do not have their gear fully enchanted with the best enchants, and those who are not exalted with Therazane (except for Scribes) will NOT be considered. The same goes for incomplete applications. None of these questions are optional. Also make sure that your application is clean and easy to read. Please make sure you are presenting yourself properly before submitting an application. We want you to make a good first impressions as well.

Please copy the application from below the line and create your own topic in the "Guild Application" section of our forums. Title it with your character name and spec, such as: "Clow, Prot Warrior" or "Draksha, Resto Shaman".


Information About You, The Player:
-Are you at least 18 years old or older? If so, how old are you?
-Are you male or female?
-Can you make our raid times, Tues-Thurs, 6:30-10:30 p.m. server (PST)? Expect invites to always go out around 6 p.m.
-Does anyone other than you have access to your account?
-Do you use an authenticator? If no, then why not?
-How long have you been playing WoW?
-Give us your guild history. Why did you leave your latest guild?
-Give us your endgame experience. Tell us what all bosses you've killed either at content level or shortly afterward when they were still a challenge.

Information About Your Character:
-What is your character's name and class?
-Please provide a link to your armory.
-Tell us about your specs. What is your mainspec, and what offspecs do you focus on or are comfortable with? How often do you play your offspec(s)?
-Which glyphs do you use for each spec? What makes them better than the rest?
-Tell us about your professions. What are they and why did you choose them? Are they maxed out?
-Tell us about your gear. What is your stat priority list? What about your class makes your best secondary stat (other than capping stats like hit and expertise) best?
-If you would like to DPS for us, please share your rotation or spell/ability priority list.
-If you would like to heal for us, please share what spells you use most frequently and when/why.

Miscellaneous Information:
-Please provide a sceenshot of your character's UI.
-Please provide a link to a recent World of Logs.
-Please list any frequently played alts with a armory link below.
-How did you hear about us? What about us makes Red October attractive to you?
-Please post a image below of a speed test taken at Test your speed against Seattle, WA, Nordrassil's physical location.
-Lastly, we ask that you draw us a picture with MS Paint or a similar program. It can be anything you want as long as it accompanies a story. Post the image and its story below.
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