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Here's a quick how-to with portals.

There are 27 portals so far, all with the naming protocol of "portal(#)". There's nothing restricting the name of a portal, and honestly I should rename portals to something like "w1p1" for world 1 portal 1 so it's easier to figure out which portal is which. What you decide to name portals is up to you when you make them, I just ask that you list them in this thread for recording.

To make a portal:
  1. make an area you'd like to turn into a portal. For example, make an archway 3 blocks high and 4 blocks wide, leaving a 2x2 walkway underneath.
  2. Type "/mvp wand" and a wooden axe will appear in your inventory.
    • This will be your portal creation tool.
    • Left-click selects the first corner of the portal area, and right click selects the opposite corner.
    • I have not tried using this wooden axe as a wooden axe, and I don't think an ordinary wooden axe will work as a portal tool.
  3. With the 3x4 arch, left-click the bottom left block, then right-click the second block up on the right, creating an 8 block area for the portal.
    • The plugin will tell you how many blocks have been selected for a portal.
    • Pay attention to how many blocks the plugin says are selected, because if the number is much larger than you anticipated, you'll need to select the first and second corner again to reset the count.
  4. Type "/mvp create [name]". For example, "/mvp create portal1" creates portal1.
    • You can set the portal destination when you make the portal if it already exists. For example, if you'd like to link portal2 to portal1 as you're making portal2, type "/mvp create portal2 p:portal1".
    • To have it link to the spawn point of a world, type "/mvp create portal2 w:portroom", which will link to the main portal room.
  5. Make the second portal the same way you made the first. Refer to the sub-steps above to link the second portal to the first.
  6. The first portal will not have a destination yet until you assign it one.
    • Type "/mvp select [name of first portal]" to select it (omit brackets).
    • Then type "/mvp modify dest [w:(world) or p:(portal)]". For example, /mvp modify dest p:portal2.
  7. And that's it! The two portals should be linked and working.

There can be multiple portals linking to the same place with this method of creation. Many portals can link to a single portal or world, making inrastructure very simple. I may make a portal map one day.

To delete a portal, type "/mvp remove [portal]". Portals linking to it will be broken, but their destinations can still be reassigned.
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