Guild Lotto

Guild Lotto

Postby Gravik » Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:58 pm

This is something my guild used to do back in the vanilla days.

Here is how it works.

Players buy tickets for a predetermined amount by sending me an in game mail with a gold attatchment. On the decided day, I will roll random 1-100. This number will be the jackpot number.

    Players that get the number exact will will win 100% of the pot.

    Players that get within one number of the winning number will get 75% of the pot.

    Players that get within two numbers of the winning number will get 50% of the pot.

In the event that more than one player gets within the limit for a winning ticket, they will split the pot.

Each player can purchase a maxium of THREE tickets each week. Players can purchase the same numbers if they wish.

Here is an example.

3 weeks have gone by and 100 tickets have been purchased at 50 gold each.

This makes the pot 5000 gold. The winning number for this week is 73.

    Meanmuggin had the number 71.
    Syna had the number 74.
    Gravik has the number 72.

Gravik and Syna were both within 1 number, meaning they split 75% of the total pot. 75% would be 3750 gold. They both win 1875 gold. The remainder stays in the pot for next week.

Meanmuggin wins nothing even though he was within the range because the other two players were closer than him.

Its fun and easy to keep track of. Each week your tickets become void. Each person can only bid a maximum of three times a week.

Essentially, I would make a lottery toon on my account and use it for nothing else. My ingame mailbox would have letters sent to me by everyone that had purchased a ticket that week. I will make a lottery thread on the forums to keep you up to date on how big the pot is.

There is a potential to make a lot of money quickly. If you wanted to, 10% of the pot could be donated to the guild bank weekly.

If 15 people buy 2 numbers at 50 gold each week - 100 gold (chump change) that would net us a pot of 1500 gold a week. 6000 gold pot in one month's time if no winners. If it goes two months with no winners, that is 12k for a perfect match.

Each weekI will edit the OP of the lottery thread to show who purchased what number just to make it exciting.
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Re: Guild Lotto

Postby Rosu » Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:47 am

One of my little brother's old guilds did this. It seemed pretty interesting. Although he never won. To add incentive we can add prizes if the pool gets large enough. Say a hog. ;D
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