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PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:57 am
by Phauss
Here's a chart on some webcomics I keep up with and recommend. This post will be edited as time passes and new webcomics come out.

This is an excuse to make extensive use of the table tags. [Edit 18Oct'19: Dear lord, what have I created]

Webcomic is notable for its:
- Story/Content
- Characters
- Humor
- Art

Active Webcomics
Between Failures
Bicyle Boy
Bittersweet Candy Bowl
Blip lives!!       
Cassiopeia Quinn
Hot girls in space, read it       
Absolute hilarity       
Dresden Codak**
Fey Winds**
Go Get a Roomie
DnD comic done right       
Grrl Power
Gunnerkrigg Court**
Excellent writing, classic 
Junior Scientist Power Hour
Lore Olympus**
Greek god drama, read it
Mare Internum**
Questionable Content
Fun and long running 
Raven's Dojo
Absolutely NSFW insanity 
Shotgun Shuffle
Soul to Call
Dark horror 
Stick in the Mud
Supermassive Black Hole A*
Holy shit, it's still going 
The Abominable Charles Christopher
The End
The Last Halloween
Amazing art, story       
The Monster Under the Bed
Trying Human
5 stars, fant/adv, read it 
Wilde Life**

Completed Webcomics
One of the classics.
Guilded Age**
Fantastic DnD/WoW-style story.
Octopus Pie**
The best slice of life webcomic? Yeah, probably.
The Pheonix Requiem

On Hiatus
Has hiatus message.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Author got burned out.
Author fell off the face of the earth.
No new pages since 12JUL2019.
Nerf This
Abandoned for years. Really fun read, though.
Prague Race**
Abandoned, but returning in text format. Great comic otherwise.
Has hiatus message. Good adventure story with great art.
White Noise
** Highly recommended

Spoiler: show
I'll write up reviews later or at my discretion. I keep up with other webcomics, but the ones I have here are ones that I found noteworthy in one of the four points I specified. Comics aren't better or worse for having more or less noteworthy points, they're just a different kind of webcomic.

These are webcomics I keep up with that are new or not yet fleshed out, so they will not get notable remarks or an update table until they're a bit more progressed.

This area needs a major overhaul.
Spoiler: show
Added 18Jun2015:
Shattered Starlight
  • This webcomic was just announced from the author of the amazing Feywinds. It's about a magical girl, except she's grown up and no longer a magical girl. It's only a few pages in and the site is a work in progress, but if the author's work from Feywinds and other things is any evidence, this will be an excellent comic to follow.
  • 16Jun2016 Update: This started updating! It's good so far, even though we're only about 15 pages deep. This looks like it'll make the main list.
Lonely Vincent
  • A guy named Vincent sets off on a sabbatical to find a long lost friend of his professor's. He eventually finds her, but then what? I like the characters and the art. It's pretty early in the story, so catch up and maybe we'll see this on the recommended list!
  • 16Jun2016 Update: Main character has been helping to clean the house for about a year now. Still waiting for some plot.
  • A girl (woman? young lass? angsty teen?) appears to be in a post-apocalyptic southern UK. Android-type robots are hunted for their power cores in a lawless setting. Our heroine ends up rescued by a med-bot and the two accompany each other for mutual survival on her journey north.
  • A princess is on the run with an intelligent book on her quest to become a knight. Some things happen on the way that test her mettle. The dark undertones beneath the innocent story kept me reading. There is an "orchid mode" in case you're squeamish. The characters are a little predictable, but they're good. It's still early on in the story.
  • I had trouble deciding whether to add this to the recommended or the watch list, so I put it here for now. It's about a kid in a small desert town who meets a girl out in the sand dunes. She stays in town for a little while until a gang shows up to extort the villagers. She fends off the gang but then decides it's time to go, so our small town boy convinces her to bring him along. There are supernatural bits in there that I left out. Good art, good story so far.
  • 16Jun2016 Update: Updates are very slow.
  • A girl goes to the museum to see an Egyptian artifact exhibit and accidentally breaks an urn keeping a god sealed. Other people were interested in the urn, and the girl's life got a little more complicated. The author did their homework here and the story looks like it'll be good.
  • 16Jun2016 Update: This webcomic is going places. I'll add it to the main list soon.
  • Part "new kid on the block", part detective story, we follow a new member of the undead world as he establishes himself as a productive member of society. The undead don't remember their living lives, but Helvetica's curiosity is an itch that can't be scratched.
  • 16Jun2016 Update: This comic has a habit of going on haitus, as it is right now.

Added 16Jun2016:
  • A tsundere girl and her partner use ancient Japanese swords in a contemporary setting to fight demons that are otherwise almost impossible to kill with bullets. Not a whole lot of backstory yet, but it looks interesting. I like the art, and as a bonus, everyone has animal ears. We'll see where this goes.

Last updated: 18Oct2019

Want to know what that table looks like as a block of bbcode? Have fun: (MY LIFE IS A PRISON)
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[table][trcolor=#b1e051][tdwidth=250][color=#404040]Active Webcomics[/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=75][color=#404040][center]Attributes[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=150][color=#404040]Notes[/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]Su[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]Mo[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]Tu[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]We[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]Th[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]Fr[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=25][color=#404040][center]Sa[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=75][color=#404040][center]Sporadic[/center][/color][/tdwidth][/trcolor][tr][td][url=]Aquapunk[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Between Failures[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Bicyle Boy[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Bittersweet Candy Bowl[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Blip[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Blip lives!![/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Cassiopeia Quinn[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Hot girls in space, read it[/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Deathbulge[/url][/td][td][center][color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Absolute hilarity[/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Dresden Codak[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Fey Winds[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Go Get a Roomie[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Goblins[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]DnD comic done right[/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Grrl Power[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Superheroes![/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Gunnerkrigg Court[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Excellent writing, classic[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Junior Scientist Power Hour[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Lore Olympus[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Greek god drama, read it[/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Mare Internum[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Scifi/Psychological[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Misfile[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Questionable Content[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Fun and long running[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Raven's Dojo[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Absolutely NSFW insanity[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Shotgun Shuffle[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Soul to Call[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Dark horror[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Spinnerette[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Stick in the Mud[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Supermassive Black Hole A*[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Holy shit, it's still going[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Terra[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]The Abominable Charles Christopher[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]The End[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]The Last Halloween[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Amazing art, story[/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]The Monster Under the Bed[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Trying Human[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Unsounded[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]5 stars, fant/adv, read it[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Wilde Life[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Fantasy/Paranormal[/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]xkcd[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][td][center]■[/center][/td][etd][/etd][etd][/etd][/tr][/table]
[table][trcolor=#BF2000][tdwidth=250][color=#BFBFBF]Completed Webcomics[/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=75][color=#BFBFBF][center]Attributes[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=416][color=#BFBFBF]Notes[/color][/tdwidth][/trcolor][tr][td][url=]Chirault[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Dreamless[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Girly[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][td]One of the classics.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Guilded Age[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Fantastic DnD/WoW-style story.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Hinges[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Octopus Pie[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]The best slice of life webcomic? Yeah, probably.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Strays[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Sunfall[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]The Pheonix Requiem[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]Unlife[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][tr][td][url=]YU+ME[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][etd][/etd][/tr][/table]
[table][trcolor=#FF8000][tdwidth=250][color=#404040]On Hiatus[/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=75][color=#404040][center]Attributes[/center][/color][/tdwidth][tdwidth=416][color=#404040]Notes[/color][/tdwidth][/trcolor][tr][td][url=]Derelict[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Has hiatus message.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Manly Guys Doing Manly Things[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Author got burned out.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Miamaska[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Author fell off the face of the earth.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Monsterkind[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][td]No new pages since 12JUL2019.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Nerf This[/url][/td][td][center][color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Abandoned for years. Really fun read, though.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Prague Race[/url]**[/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Abandoned, but returning in text format. Great comic otherwise.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]Runewriters[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#FFFF00]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Has hiatus message. Good adventure story with great art.[/td][/tr][tr][td][url=]White Noise[/url][/td][td][center][color=#00FFFF]■[/color] [color=#0040FF]■[/color] [color=#8000FF]■[/color][/center][/td][td]Abandoned.[/td][/tr][/table]

Re: Webcomics!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:41 am
by Phauss
The Pheonix Requiem

As quoted from the site's page:
The Phoenix Requiem is a Victorian-inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.

On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him. Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse - and deciding to make a new life for himself in the town - he is unable to escape the supernatural beings, both good and bad, that seem to follow him like shadows.

As they try to discover why, the nurse must question her beliefs and risk her own life in order to protect her family, her friends, and those that she loves.

Warning: Contains horror, violence, supernatural themes, drug use, and brief suggestive content. PG-13.

This is one of a few webcomics that transcends itself to become something a bit more. I would call this a visual novel, as the site says, because the qualities of art, characters and storyline are all fantastic, far beyond what I would call a webcomic. This is what you would get if you were to put a movie like "Pride and Prejudice" on paper and threw some fantasy and spirituality in the mix.

520 pages so far, updates Mondays and Thursdays.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:03 am
by Phauss
Pictures for Sad Children

Can't really describe it. Here's an example:


Re: Webcomics!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:51 pm
by Phauss

In a world were everyone is part of the big scheme of things, God's big plan, if you will, there is someone who isn't. Because she's an anomoly, she has the power to destroy the plan and destiny of the world by her very existence. God wants her suppressed, Lucifer wants her to be successful and influential. A war rages behind the scenes while she tries to squeak by in her cynical life.

It's a good read. I particularly recommend it to Stef and Brian. It also seems like it updates every day. Holy crap.

Re: Webcomics!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:12 am
by Clow
Phauss wrote:It also seems like it updates every day. Holy crap.


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:47 pm
by Forb

My avatar. *cough*

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:29 am
by Phauss

I've followed links to this comic, but for some reason never really gained interest in it. I guess I accidentally started reading the story, and now I'm here to tell you how cool it is.

I'm pretty far into the comic, and there are already a lot of spoilers I could give away that would ruin the effect if known beforehand. I will say this: It's a story of lesbians, told by a lesbian, with all of the drama we got in the first half of Girly, and not too over-the-top. Art style contributes immensly in this comic and it's always changing, at least in the second part. A bit of angst, some teenage drama, and a side of humor does this story good.

At the time of this post, there are only 4 pages left in the story, so it ends soon! Some people like a story that ends instead of ones that last indefinitely. Although I miss things after they finish, I also enjoy good endings.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:01 am
by Phauss
Here's my all-inclusive and informative chart on the webcomics I keep up with and recommend (as embarassing as some might be.) Further review below on each webcomic, if you find one interesting.

(This is also an excuse to make extensive use of the table tag.)

Gunnerkrigg Court
Looking For Group
Dresden Codak
The Pheonix Requiem
Supermassive Black Hole A*
Nerf This
Treading Ground
Toilet Genie
School Bites
Bittersweet Candy Bowl

And now my reviews, in the order that they're shown in the above chart.

Gunnerkrigg Court - Fantasy, School Life
Gunnerkrigg ranks high on my list for many different reasons. The story has humble beginnings and progresses as the main character and company explore their surroundings at their boarding school. There is a techology and a nature/metaphysical aspect to the comic, but not overtly so. Things that don't need to be explained aren't, and the artstyle is simple yet subtly complex so that the story isn't lost in its themes. The art in the comic evolves over time from something basic and angular to something more realistic. The story, however, stays true to its roots from the beginning, and the whole picture is never really painted for us, leaving an air of mystery about the happenings outside of the Court.

Looking For Group - Fantasy, Gaming Adaptation, Adventure
LFG is the story of a group of comrades who seek the elusive Sword of Truth and details the adventures they encounter while questing for it. The unlikely ragtag group, featuring characters loosely based off of the Horde races of World of Warcraft, find themselves in humorous and perilous situations which they must usually fight their way out of. The story takes many twists and turns and is an excellent read.

Dresden Codak - Technology, Sci-Fi
Aside from the outstanding art, Dresden Codak is a compilation of both one-shots and storylines. The one-shots are all fantastically done with a science-based humor, and the completed Hob storyline is awesome too, although it can be a heavy read for the uninitiated. Updates maybe once every month or two, but it's worth it everytime there's a new page.

The Pheonix Requiem - Fantasy, Victorian
To quote the author of this comic, "The Phoenix Requiem is a Victorian-inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in." That's probably the most accurate description of the storyline that can be given.

This is one of a few webcomics that transcends itself to become something a bit more. I would call this a visual novel, as the site says, because the qualities of art, characters and storyline are all fantastic, far beyond what I would call a webcomic. This is what you would get if you were to put a movie like "Pride and Prejudice" on paper and threw some fantasy and spirituality in the mix.

Blip - Slice of Life, Fantasy
In a world were everyone is part of the big scheme of things, God's big plan, if you will, there is someone who isn't. Because she's an anomoly, she has the power to destroy the plan and destiny of the world by her very existence. God wants her suppressed, Lucifer wants her to be successful and influential. A war rages behind the scenes while she tries to squeak by in her cynical life.

I especially like the artwork in this comic because it seems more minimalist compared to other comics, and the watercolor look does excellent things for it. The art also tends to stay the same throughout the entire comic. The dialogue is very candid and the overall story is refreshingly different. Sometimes the artist incorporates .gif animation into the panels, which adds an interesting touch not usually seen in webcomics. Updates every day (which is another rarity for a comic of this caliber.)

Supermassive Black Hole A* - This webcomic is unique for several reasons. It updates during the week, sometimes two or three times a day, it updates one large panel at a time, and it has a hard sci-fi story with stark contrasted black and white art. The write/artist makes an effort to keep impossible physics out of the story (like faster than light travel) and does do a bit of research in some scenes, like an explosion's destructive force or a rocket's required thrust. The story itself reminds me of a 40's detective movie set in space, especially with the artwork. This is a good comic to read if you're looking for something besides comedy to read.

I'll edit this post later to add the other reviews. It's getting pretty late on my end. By the way, I added another bbcode tag ([etd]) that allows you to make an empty cell, since doing it before would glitch the table.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:01 am
by Forb
Menage a 3 - Modern, NSFW

Alright, here's the deal. I've been reading this for a bit, I'm not sure just how far I am into it, but it's awesome. It's awesome enough that I had to post it up here right now.

The characters are all great, they have their own little touches. You get attached to some of them, but not all of them. It's filled to the brim with sexual content. Drawn in a mix of classic comic book style and the manga style. It slowly leans more towards the manga style, both in art and content.

Edit: I just got caught up. It's shorter than I'd like, but it's still good.

This image basically sums up what you are getting into by reading this comic.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:27 pm
by Forb
Blip, going nowhere.
Menage a 3, going somewhere.