Genius: The Transgressions Game Zotheca

Genius: The Transgressions Game Zotheca

Postby Lim » Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:05 pm

Here we exist on the forefront of reality. Though the world has fallen into a path of falsehood, reality and Truth yet exist within us. Every day we sit with the fire in the belly of the Earth and watch it take shape of those around us. To those of us that glimpse Truth, however, we feel the purpose of the fire burn forth from our head as it pushes us to do what we always should have. It moves us as if saying, "this is the way the world has been and this is how the world will be when you are done. Do not wonder blindly, for what you see and what you create is Truth. There is but one Truth echoed forever in all of eternity, and everything you do and everything you make is but a small microcosm of that infinite scale. It is solid, immovable. Feel it in your hands as the mechanations that you create. Feel it beneath your feet as the earth trembles to its effects. This is real. This is Truth."

Others will doubt you, but you will push on. Even if you only move the veneer like a sad stagehand pulling a broken curtain by defunct rails. You will push on that you may one day show all the righteousness of yourself and the falsehoods of all others.

It is to this that we give to absolute certainties to the world. On and off. Yes or no. The universe does not deign to allow anything beyond these simple truths.

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Status: 1

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These we know of, and we will be watching. They are yet blind.
Lemuria is truth.
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